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Finding Good ServiceNow Talent

May 12, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

Although transforming your organization into a service-oriented business via the ServiceNow platform is the destination, the journey starts with finding good ServiceNow talent. In the recent Solugenix executive summary, “Where Can I Find Good ServiceNow Talent,” organizations gain some tangible insights into where to find that talent across the country.

In addition to showing talent quantities overall as well as breakdowns by ServiceNow specializations across the country, the summary breaks down the process of finding, vetting and onboarding via the categories of:

  • Locating ServiceNow Candidates
  • Assessing ServiceNow Candidates
  • Reaching Out to ServiceNow Candidates
  • Vetting ServiceNow Talent
  • Interviewing ServiceNow Talent
  • Onboarding ServiceNow Talent

Organizations often lack the deep dive into what skill sets a ServiceNow professional can and should have in relation to specific business needs. Here is where the summary first excels by joining that data to the specifics of where these professionals are located in the U.S.

The crucial lessons of defining need based on the business vertical as well as the specifics of the business culture and the goals for the use of ServiceNow is foundational to the summary’s tangible process protocols. This in turn informs the specific specialization skills as well as IT, Service Management, application development and a host of other skills that the talent should possess.

Ultimately, organizations get a very clear picture of what they can realistically accomplish on their own and what aspects are likely to require the support of the right professional IT staffing partner. The summary is premised on the foundation that every business is different as is their use of the ServiceNow platform for automating and streamline business processes.

All of the potential permutations of need are addressed directly or abstractly in the summary. More importantly, every organizational decision maker will walk away armed with a definitive understanding of what it takes to find good ServiceNow talent.

This understanding includes:

  • Having the guidance from a highly skilled and experienced ServiceNow expert with the technical background to assess a candidate’s skill sets based on organizational requirements
  • The challenges of the interview as well as the vetting stage for the client using only internal HR best practices
  • The reality that in these scenarios missteps in finding and onboarding ServiceNow talent are costly on multiple short-term and even long-term, bigger picture levels.
  • The needed time, resources, knowledge, processes and methodologies for moving through the ServiceNow staffing development cycle as an organization without staffing support
  • The reality that most organizations are ill equipped to ensure an ongoing fit and readjustment of the talent within the business culture in the days, weeks and months beyond the initial hire or contract start
  • Ensuring that IT talent possesses a solid background in ITSM, which is foundational to today’s service-oriented business.

Just as every organization has different needs, they also have different levels of understanding of what it takes to find the best ServiceNow talent to meet those needs. This executive Summary serves as a comprehensive educational tool for every organization about the process of finding, vetting and onboarding the right ServiceNow talent to fit those needs today and tomorrow.

To access the summary, click here, and then contact Solugenix for support in fulfilling your ServiceNow talent needs by calling 1-866-749-7658 or email them at for more information.

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