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How a ServiceNow Consultant Can Improve your ServiceNow Platform

By: Solugenix | Published on: August 29, 2016 | 2 minute read

Based on the size of an organization and how widespread the ServiceNow platform is utilized across the enterprise, there may only be a single ServiceNow specialist on site. Even in the largest ServiceNow platform implementations, organizations have no more than two or three ServiceNow specialists on staff. The fact that ServiceNow is often not their only responsibility makes it even more difficult to maximize the benefits of ServiceNow. Here is where ServiceNow consulting can come into play.

Depending on the need, a ServiceNow Consultant can identify as an Administrator or Developer, or both. In some instances, their role in these capacities coupled with their experience with integration of ServiceNow with other systems provides them a unique insight into the design and architecture of ITSM solutions.   While their role would not be to directly architect a ServiceNow solution, they serve as valuable contributors towards architecting a strategic solution on the ServiceNow platform across the enterprise.

By working with developers, stakeholders and administrators, ServiceNow Consultants can work with the organization to ensure that all of the organization’s goals associated with ServiceNow are met. Many organizations lack the expertise to develop the instance to its fullest potential to maximize ROI. This is especially true around challenges like intricate workflows and integrations with other platforms.

The ability to see the business, its processes, people and technology through a holistic lens of service-oriented framework cannot be performed by the ServiceNow Solutions Architect in isolation. Bringing all the key stakeholders together under a common framework of ITIL processes within the context of the ServiceNow platform is a challenging and critical component of architecting an implementation. It requires a very seasoned specialist that has worked in diverse domains and different service environments.

ServiceNow consulting support can take the form of implementation specialists who lead client projects through execution and realization. They can also get to the root of poor ServiceNow project development that does not follow best practices. These contract specialists are obviously in high demand and the pool is smaller than other specialists due to the level of expertise and experience, but they are available.

That being said, a highly skilled ServiceNow Developer/Administrator that identifies as such can also fulfill the ServiceNow consulting role, especially when organizations are planning an implementation/integration. Helping the business make the initial decisions on how ServiceNow can be the right fit for them by developing a detailed needs and objectives roadmap and realistic budget are just the beginning. The ability to identify key milestones to reach, and the best path to reach them is crucial in getting started with ServiceNow in the right way.

ServiceNow consulting is imperative to planning an implementation that fills today’s needs in order of priority while being scalable for the needs of tomorrow. This roadmap will be a blueprint that can be referenced as the organization continues to build out long after the ServiceNow consultant contract has ended.

The bottom line is that the ServiceNow platform can only transform business processes when the organization has a clear objective and view of the business’ people, processes and technology as they exist today and what they envision for the future. By seeking out ServiceNow consulting expertise through a skilled professional IT staffing firm that specializes in Service Management and ServiceNow talent, organizations can ensure that they start on the right track and stay on the right track throughout the development and maintenance lifecycle of ServiceNow for maximum results.

To find out how Solugenix can expand your IT team with the best ServiceNow consulting talent to meet contract needs for definitive duration cycles, please give us a call today at 1-866-749-7658 or email us at for more information.

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