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Realizing Improved Communication Benefits of ServiceNow Geneva

May 19, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

Whether your organization is upgrading to the latest version or a first-time implementation, the benefits of ServiceNow Geneva can either be in plain sight or part of a general learning curve. In either case, the improved communication solutions within ServiceNow Geneva will go a long way to helping ServiceNow Developers and Administrators that must have extraordinary patience with users as they learn.

There are many worthwhile updates that make it possible to have usage transparency that make viewing and communication much easier within ServiceNow Geneva. Just a few include updates like ServiceWatch’s Service Mapping application, Visual Task Boards, a new Customer Service Management Application, and Service360. For Administrators that will spend considerable time walking users through new functionality in the latest version instance, it’s the communication features of the version update that may prove to have the most immediate benefit to user interaction.

Being a ServiceNow Administrator can be a little like being a doctor in that you’re always on call. While the mobility application has been a part of each ServiceNow instance since 2008, it’s finally becoming highly useful for working remotely. The new native iOS mobile application complete with push notifications are about more than enabling task performance from an iPhone.

A highly improved chat feature enables Administrators to effectively communicate with users to solve problems. Connect, a real-time messaging platform with online status and presence, allows teams to reduce task resolution time. Teams can now share ideas, collaborate on documents, have visibility into online users and their record updates while also being able to chat instantly within the ServiceNow platform.

Other key benefits of ServiceNow Geneva when it comes to communication and collaboration are the significant improvements to the Notify plug-in. The Twilio collaboration makes it infinitely easier to send text messages and set up calls to address events. Conference calls, text notifications with change updates, and even the ability to notify users via Apple Watch all help Administrators be communicative and supportive wherever they are in real time.

The revamped Email Account Configuration feature for notification sending and receiving is now much easier to find and implement (go to Administration->Email Accounts in the Application Navigator). The email diagnostics feature greatly improves an Administrator’s ability to solve problems with notification fields.

Speaking of solving problems with users, the UI16 Geneva interface now displays full URLs for each page in the browser’s URL bar which greatly simplifies directing users to a specific page.

Another important aspect that makes it easier for Administrators and users is the fact that user-enabled data modifications on the server happen dynamically. The result is that conflict warnings are visible when another user’s field changes do not match.

Realizing the Benefits of ServiceNow Geneva is likely to be a less stressful process when you’re working with a ServiceNow Administrator and/or Developer that has worked fairly extensively with more than one instance of ServiceNow. By working with a highly experienced professional IT staffing partner that has the proven methodology for finding and vetting the best ServiceNow talent, organizations can find the right match for their needs.

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