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ServiceNow Support: Striking the ServiceNow Notification Balance

July 05, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

When it comes to ServiceNow support, Administrators must constantly straddle the line of keeping users informed of changes and not overwhelming them needlessly with notifications which can lead to ignoring them all together. For a ServiceNow Administrator finding the right balance is another of those reasoning and soft skill attributes that they must possess for effective ServiceNow support.

ServiceNow notifications are an integral part of the communication chain for a variety of processes and almost all users within an organization. For example, ensuring that all affected parties are aware of a service desk ticket resolution or process change within the system is just one of many examples of the importance of notifications. These notifications are primarily sent via email and allow administrators to specify:

  • When to send the notification
  • Who receives the notification
  • What content is in the notification

Any organization that has implemented the ServiceNow platform understands how notifications can be both vital to ServiceNow support as well as how they can become a nuisance. Skilled and experienced Administrators understand this conundrum all too well. The mission to create a balance with notifications is always top of mind. A balanced process enables them to know when to use other ServiceNow notification options.

The subscription based notification puts more control in the hands of recipients as they can proactively subscribe to notifications of interest. In addition, they can specify the device on which they want to receive the notifications (smartphone versus email for example).

There are a number of vendor compatible solutions that can further make the notification process more refined for the Administrator. The goal is to strike a balance in which all intended recipients receive the notification while ensuring that other users are not overly burdened with non-applicable notifications.

Organizations must have ServiceNow Administrators that understand that ServiceNow support requires a high level understanding of business processes, ServiceNow, and human nature. It may be expedient to send out blanket notifications, but just like the boy who cried wolf, they run the risk of being ignored when the notification is important. Lack of balance can mean everything from ServiceNow user frustrations and workarounds to regulatory compliance violations and loss of business.

At Solugenix, we’re a professional staffing partner that is comprised of highly experienced Service Management, application development and IT veterans. We couple that deep understanding with our knowledge of ServiceNow in order to ask the right questions and introduce the right process for finding the best ServiceNow talent for each organization’s needs.

The result is ServiceNow talent that is the right fit for the organization’s business and cultural needs to ensure future growth and stability.

To find out how Solugenix can expand your IT team with the best talent for ServiceNow consulting, please download our newest executive summary, "The Right Way to Hire ServiceNow Staff."  You can also give us a call today at 1-866-749-7658 or email us at for more information.

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