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ServiceNow Talent: The Key to ServiceNow Integration

July 07, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

ServiceNow integration is the key to making the platform flexible, adaptive and solution-oriented. It is true that ServiceNow provides organizations with a wide array of unique features that make it easier to connect disparate systems and other previously misaligned sources of information. What can be less apparent to organizations in the early stages of platform implementation is the needed skillset of ServiceNow talent for future ServiceNow integration needs.

The ServiceNow platform provides a number of integrations methods like Web Services (both SOAP and REST), JDBC Importing, FTP, File Importing, etc. There are also tools for data cleansing and enrichment that are scalable. Despite these facts, it still takes highly skilled ServiceNow talent to help develop the vision for integration that ensures that there will be a seamless flow of information now and in the future.

Avoiding system record conflicts and identifying the differences between related information are just two of the areas in which ServiceNow integration requires ServiceNow talent with the right experience and skills. ServiceNow specialization skills, comprehensive grounding in Service Management, and a working familiarity with business processes and IT infrastructure are just the starting point.

Organizations need ServiceNow talent that has proven experience in working with APIs as well as in application development. Furthermore, they need project management skills as well as highly adaptive communication skills to work with department managers on ServiceNow Integration planning. ServiceNow talent in possession of all of these skills can make the integration process far more straightforward.

Ultimately a well-executed ServiceNow integration is the key to elimination of data inconsistency and errors while still enabling process streamlining among different IT tools and the groups that use them. By bringing a well-developed set of broad technical and vertical skills beyond their ServiceNow specialization, ServiceNow talent can help organizations to take advantage of seamless information flow that ensures ROI from the platform and the talent.

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