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The Role of the ServiceNow Administrator and Creation/Maintenance of an Accurate CMDB

April 18, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

As IT changes from being an administrator of infrastructure to becoming a driver of enterprise services, the ServiceNow platform becomes a key success differentiator. This makes the role of the ServiceNow Administrator crucial in achieving that goal via an accurate configuration management database (CMDB).

ServiceNow Administrators can configure the system in many different ways to address an organization's business needs. They can install and set up any number of the process applications that are provided with ServiceNow and also create custom applications.

It’s no easy task delivering automated enterprise-wide services offered through consumer-like ‘self-service’ portals that span IT, HR, finance, facilities and other departments. These services manage business processes, enact changes, address problems or procure information via integrated data derived from the CMDB.

Enterprises have a substantial amount of institutional data. This fact can be used to enforce asset management compliance, manage budget decisions and ultimately optimize Service Management operations.

Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to take advantage of this information because their CMDB data is either inaccurate or incomplete. These IT data accuracy challenges can happen in large enterprises as well as SMEs.

In the implementation as well as over the life of the ServiceNow platform, the ServiceNow Administrator is a key driver of:

  • Improved change management
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Higher application availability
  • Reduced asset maintenance costs
  • More automated processes
  • Simpler problem resolution
  • Increased IT governance capability, and much more

In many ways, what ServiceNow Administrators are able to drive is dependent on their abilities in development, implementation and management of the CMDB.

The goal is to create a CMDB that effectively supports your business services, compliance, and the requirements of the planned implementation of ITIL processes. Businesses must first develop and define a CMDB blueprint.

A skilled ServiceNow Administrator has key experiences in working through various partners. These experiences coupled with certifications enable to provide the necessary on-going management of the CMDB’s within ServiceNow. That experience and skill level will include a proven ability to add new clients as the business grows as well as update and maintain the existing data.

At Solugenix, our Professional IT Staffing Services are grounded in decades of innovation in:

  • Service Management
  • IT infrastructure design/development
  • Application Management
  • Support Center development/management
  • Service Desk development/management

This experience is what has shaped our proven methodology for finding, analyzing and assessing each highly skilled and certified ServiceNow Administrator that makes the cut for inclusion in our nationwide database. Our mission is to ensure that our professionals bring the real-world technical and business experience that is matched to the needs of each individual business.

Whether it’s a permanent employee or contract hire, we partner with you to bring only the most skilled ServiceNow talent for you to choose from. This sets the stage for a business relationship where they are sure to help your business reach its goals through ServiceNow.

To find out how Solugenix can expand your IT team with the best talent for ServiceNow consulting, please download our newest executive summary, “Where Can I Find Good ServiceNow Talent?”  You can also give us a call today at 1-866-749-7658 or email us at for more information.

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