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The ServiceNow Administrator and the Service Catalog

June 02, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

As organizations reach the point where the ServiceNow platform is an enterprise-wide solution, the service catalog runs the risk of becoming unwieldy and unresponsive for the "customers” as well as the ServiceNow Administrator. Submitting service requests to the IT department and eliciting response and fulfillment is in many ways the engine that propels the service-oriented business forward. Of course, it is the Senior ServiceNow Administrator that designs the drivetrain that keeps the wheels of the service catalog “spinning” if you will.

Having a well-designed service catalog requires that it be responsive in both directions. It is often a simple task to administer the service catalog when the list of services is small and general. As the numbers increase and each instance in terms of orders require greater and greater specificity, it becomes an art to categorize the services in ways that still save time and headaches for the customer and the IT organization. Not every ServiceNow Administrator has the experience, vision and organizational skills for creating and maintaining a successful service catalog that is both deep and broad.

It can be difficult for organizations to know how to screen a potential ServiceNow Professional for seemingly non-specific attributes like innovation and vision. Of course, those are qualities that are definitely needed for administering an advanced service catalog that goes well beyond the standard application offering.

Tailoring and administering a service catalog that provides a streamlined and intuitive experience for the user and the IT organization requires an ability to see service catalog management as more than just a tool or a list of IT services. Fortunately, in many cases the vision to be able to expand the service catalog beyond IT service management across the enterprise is not necessarily a skillset that requires documented experience in that area.

There are some professional IT staffing service providers that have developed the methodologies to identify these characteristics in ServiceNow talent even when they haven’t been plainly shown through a resume. An exceptional IT staffing firm’s ability to look beyond the resume enables an organization to broaden their pool of potential ServiceNow talent.

By opening the door to professionals that have the foundational characteristics they need to develop that vision, the ServiceNow talent can grow with the organization and their ServiceNow platform Ideally, the IT staffing firm will be an ongoing partner to monitor the progress of the hire and help to facilitate development of skills and attributes that help them grow with the organization.

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