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What It Takes to Find Qualified ServiceNow Professionals

By: Ramki Venkatraman | Published on: January 25, 2017 | 1 minute read

If your organization does not have ServiceNow experts on staff, it can be very difficult to validate the experience of potential ServiceNow talent. There are certainly a plethora of questions that can be asked of potential ServiceNow candidates that can provide insights into more than the knowledge that they possess. It’s important to see how they communicate and how they process information as these are all highly important aspects of making the right choice on personnel fit within the organization.

Resumes are often a poor tool for understanding the degree of real input that a candidate may have had in any given real-world experience with other organizations. Some questions can be simple on the face, but open the door to questions that show their business knowledge such as providing the names of several types of items that can be found in a Service Catalog.

Other questions can show their problem-solving skills and also prompt them to ask questions for clarification that show their command of the subject. For instance, “What's the difference between client and server side scripting? Give an example of objects used in each.”

Vetting ServiceNow professionals really requires having a deeper knowledge in ServiceNow than most organizations possess. Of course, that is just one reason why they turn to a certified ServiceNow partner for support.

What is important to remember is that not every IT staffing agency is made up of people that are grounded in the world of IT or ServiceNow. Many have limited or no staff compliments that possess years of experience working in the real world and staying current with the tools and platforms that are constantly emerging. That distinction alone can determine if the ServiceNow talent that you are provided will further your business goals or not.

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About the Author - Ramki Venkatraman

With a background in math and statistics, Ramki Venkatraman “accidentally” ended up in the world of Information Technology over 20 years ago. At the time he was working for NEC Global and had a great opportunity to travel to Japan to work on application design and development, and the rest is history. In his current role at Solugenix as Vice President of Development Services,Ramki manages customer relationships and oversees implementation of large scale IT projects including application and product development.

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