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Organizations Face Tough Challenges for IT Staffing in 2016 and Beyond

May 31, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blog

In an era where demand for skilled tech talent is at an all-time high, organizations must take advantage of innovative IT staffing solutions in order to find the right talent that fits their needs. IT talent identification, recruitment and onboarding will only get more challenging as organizations move through 2016 and beyond as the service-oriented business, IoT, the app economy, and big data among other technological advancements grow in prevalence.

Despite the fact that new products and solutions continue to demand strong IT talent with diverse skills, the national IT talent pool is limited. The reality is that new entrants into the IT talent space do not have the real-world skills and certifications to be of immediate benefit to many organizations.

Although the high demand for experienced IT talent seems to put the talent pool in the driver’s seat when it comes to employment options, organizations cannot afford to make compromises with IT professionals that are not a good fit for their needs. This goes beyond their specialization skills into the areas of soft skills such as communication, business management and other skills that are crucial to their ability to help align business and IT goals.

Many employers are looking to increase, replace and retain skilled IT talent as a cornerstone of business growth and stability. With a need for practical experience, the reality of existing skills gaps in areas like big data and analytics, security, application development and more, only exacerbate the growth dilemma for organizations.

Business system architecture, database management, Big Data, and analytics skills as well as cybersecurity and secure software developers are all in high demand. These and other high level skills require IT staffing solutions that are built on proven protocols and methodologies for finding, vetting, and onboarding the best IT talent that fits the needs of the organization.

Highly developed experience in ITIL and Service Management are foundational aspects of having the ability to apply these in demand technological skills in ways that serve the modern enterprise. Only a fraction of the available IT staffing solutions providers have the proven track record to ensure that all of these attributes are part of their process for finding and vetting the best IT talent. That means that organizations are best served by vetting the IT staffing provider in order to ensure that they have a partner that can deliver the right services, processes, and people for each organization’s IT staffing needs.

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