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5 Top Customer Service Trends from Knowledge19

By: Solugenix | Published on: May 23, 2019 | 1 minute read

If you had the pleasure of attending this year’s Knowledge show by ServiceNow®, then you were likely inundated with a wealth of information, activities and all the networking opportunities the show has to offer. Knowledge is not just a gathering for IT service management professionals, it is a pivotal event for a variety of roles across the enterprise.

During Knowledge, ServiceNow continued to show the synergistic effect of leveraging ServiceNow among multiple departments across the organization. Here are just some of the additional top trends we discovered at Knowledge19:


1 | Disconnected and uninformed Customer Service teams are NOT acceptable to today’s customers

Today’s customers are not content to be transferred from team to team, speaking to agents who do not know their case. Customers want quicker response by customer service agents to satisfy their needs. 


2 | Customers must be able to connect through the channel of choice, device of choice

The more contact channels available to customers, the easier it will be for customers to connect with your agents. This reduces friction, when customers are reaching out, and facilitates better communication between you and your customers overall, strengthening the relationship. 


3 | AI is helping Customer Service save time, be more efficient and reduce costs

Artificial intelligence reduces Agent workload. By gathering basic information, automating recurring requests, and automatically classifying and routing inquiries, customers can get their questions answered more quickly. This means agents are able to use their time more efficiently.


4 | Companies that have a mobile tech-connected workforce are getting ahead

When Customer Support Agents and Field Service teams are connected and able to work together, communication becomes a competitive advantage. Highly communicative teams have the ability to  service customers more efficiently and see higher rates of customer satisfaction.


5 | The ROI from Customer Service is highly visible with the right technology

The impact of Customer Service on the bottom line can be hard to measure. With the right technology platform, companies gain visibility into the factors leading to higher customer satisfaction, retention, and customer lifetime value. The real value of Customer Service can be seen through data analytics and reporting from an organization's technology platform.


As more Customer Service organizations realize the impact of technology on their bottom line, ServiceNow, a Customer Service Management solution is an emerging technology platform that helps make Customer Service into a team sport. Learn more here


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