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With a background in math and statistics, Ramki Venkatraman “accidentally” ended up in the world of Information Technology over 20 years ago. At the time he was working for NEC Global and had a great opportunity to travel to Japan to work on application design and development, and the rest is history. In his current role at Solugenix as Vice President of Development Services,Ramki manages customer relationships and oversees implementation of large scale IT projects including application and product development.
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Establishing Key Performance Indicators

In a previous article, we discussed The Role of KPIs in the success of ITIL applications and service management. Now that we have identified the importance of KPIs, we’ll now go into further detail ...
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The Benefits of Intelligent Case Management

Whether you are in Customer Service or IT/Technical Support, case management is central to what your teams do every day. It is the key behind how efficiently your team runs. Sometimes, it is the ...
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What you need to know about proactive customer issue monitoring

Taking a proactive approach to customer service issues is not just smart, it can greatly improve the profitability of a company. Proactivity comes when there is an initiative taken by the service ...
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The Role of KPIs in Service Management

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides a set of best practices, guidance and a framework for Service Management processes. ITIL is a globally recognized framework that IT ...
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January 25, 2017 / IT Talent, ServiceNow, Hiring

What It Takes to Find Qualified ServiceNow Professionals

If your organization does not have ServiceNow experts on staff, it can be very difficult to validate the experience of potential ServiceNow talent. There are certainly a plethora of questions that ...
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October 19, 2016 / Roadmap, ServiceNow, Staffing, Recruiting

Overcome ServiceNow Staffing Challenges with a Clearly Defined Roadmap

As more organizations take advantage of ServiceNow to change processes outside of traditional IT areas such as HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Finance, the search for the right ServiceNow ...
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