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3 Innovative Ways to Lower Call Center Turnover Today

It’s no secret that contact center turnover rates can be staggering. The most recent International Customer Management Institute survey pegs the average call center turnover rate at 33%, that figure ...
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Can You Spot A Fake Candidate? – Part 2

As we saw in our last blog post on How to Spot a Fake Candidate, gaming the recruitment process often begins with a falsified resume, tailored to the specific position. If that resume results in an ...
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October 19, 2016 / Roadmap, ServiceNow, Staffing, Recruiting

Overcome ServiceNow Staffing Challenges with a Clearly Defined Roadmap

As more organizations take advantage of ServiceNow to change processes outside of traditional IT areas such as HR, Customer Service, Marketing and Finance, the search for the right ServiceNow ...
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October 12, 2016 / IT, IT Staffing, Staffing, Managed Staffing

How to Implement a Managed Staffing Approach

As we noted in the previous post, that while having a qualified, engaged and productive workforce is critical to the success of any business, recent changes in the employment marketplace have ...
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October 05, 2016 / IT, Staffing

Not Every IT Staffing Agency Can Meet the Needs of the “Gig” Economy

In the era of the digital and service-oriented business, organizations are dealing with rapid changes in technology to accommodate ever-more critical business processes that must be agile and ...
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For Professional Services, Head-Count Pricing Is Overrated

Traditionally, professional services were priced the same way as most business operations– the bigger the project, the bigger the head count. Under this model, labor was seen primarily as the cost of ...
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