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Responsible RPA Implemention in the Age of COVID-19

Although the ongoing pandemic has forever changed the way we work and do business, solutions like robotic process automation (RPA) can help businesses, operations, and people adjust more rapidly. The ...
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September 15, 2020 / RPA, Remote Work, Digital Transformation

How Robotic Process Automation Lessens Remote Work Challenges

COVID-19 has forever altered everything about the way we do business. As organizations adjust to the new environment, automation is now playing a big part in how we move forward.
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Infrastructure & Technical Requirements for Managing a Remote Support Center Workforce

As with any business dealing with remote workers, the success of a remote support center team is built on technology for communication, tracking and employee training/engagement. Thirty-six percent ...
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Communication, Collaboration, and Employee Engagement for a Remote Support Center Workforce

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How to Manage a Remote Support Workforce

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How a Remote Workforce Can Curb Business Risk During a Crisis

As the news reports about the Corona virus are spreading, the concern for how it will impact business grows. Many enterprises around the world are perplexed over how the Corona virus (COVID-19) ...
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