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September 21, 2017 / Vendor Management, Vendor Selection, ALM

Why Offshore Shouldn’t Mean Lower Quality

Many in our industry have run into significant challenges working with offshore IT service providers, but a lowering of quality standards is not inevitable. By knowing what to look for when seeking ...
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How Employee Retention Matters

Engaging an IT provider or professional services provider is about more than pricing, capabilities, and shiny marketing assets. The experience and stability of a professional services firm are not ...
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Account Managers vs. Relationship Managers, Part 2

As we learned in the previous post, Relationship Managers focus on creating additional value for the client company that has nothing to do with sales which is the main function of an account manager. ...
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Account Managers vs. Relationship Managers, Part 1

It’s important to differentiate whether your IT vendor has assigned an Account Manager to oversee activities on your behalf, or a Relationship Manager. This may at first sound like only an exercise ...
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Find the Right Service Provider by Gaining “A Feel for the Floor”

When considering a business services company for, say, customer service support, there are metrics galore to study before making your decision. With so much data available to guide the decision ...
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