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The Truth Behind the Talent Exodus from Big-name Companies

As the demand for skilled tech professionals shows no signs of slowing down and turnover rates among the tech industry continue to rise, the large companies who rely on a continuous flow of these ...
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Work  From Home Survival Guide

Remote work presents a completely different set of challenges and if working from home is new for you, then this change in routine can be stressful.  With 20+ years of Remote Support Center ...
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January 06, 2017 / Careers

How to Ask the Right Questions in an Interview

Whether you like to believe it or not, every aspect of an interview is about competing with other candidates.  As mentioned in our previous blogs, having a competitive advantage and setting yourself ...
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December 07, 2016 / Careers, Job Hunting

25 Reasons Why You Failed the Phone Interview

The phone interview is usually the first step in the interview cycle. The employer takes this opportunity to quality or disqualify candidates in a short and efficient format. If you respond well and ...
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November 02, 2016 / Phone Interviews, Careers, Job Hunting

Preparing for a Phone Interview

In general, companies conduct phone interviews for two main reasons. The first is to screen candidates in a cost-effective and expedient fashion- in other words, to eliminate unqualified candidates. ...
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October 05, 2016 / Careers

How to Research a Company Before an Interview

In a competitive job market, candidates need to always think about ways in which they can stand out.  One such way is being really knowledgeable about the company where you will be interviewing.  ...
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September 13, 2016 / IT Talent, Professional Development, Careers

How to Avoid this Major Interview Deal Breaker

You have the perfect resume, the perfect outfit, a great personality coupled with the exact skills the employer is seeking. You walk away from the interview feeling elated, thinking a job offer is on ...
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